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Welcome to our monthly recap of the articles we published in May! In case you missed it, we had some important product announcements this month that deserve your attention:

And of course, we rolled out a plethora of articles to help you write code on the platforms you trust. Here are the May highlights.

    Understanding the Kafka landscape

    Bilgim Ibryam unleashed a series of popular Kafka articles this month, starting with Fine-tune Kafka performance with the Kafka optimization theorem, which analyzes the options you need to consider with any Kafka rollout, balancing latency against throughput and durability against availability.

    He also delivered a two-part series analyzing the different types of Kafka distribution on the landscape, looking at both local and self-managed Kafka distributions as well as managed services.

    To get the latest on what's new in the Kafka world, be sure to check our Kafka monthly digest series.

    OpenShift and AWS

    Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift can play well with Amazon Web Services cloud environments. August Simonelli brought you a two-part series showing how to simplify the management of services offered for Kubernetes by AWS:

    And for a deep dive on managing secure connections with OpenShift and AWS, read Create a PrivateLink Red Hat OpenShift cluster on AWS with STS.

    SaaS architectures

    This month we published the first two articles in a new series about building and deploying SaaS applications, with a focus on software and deployment architectures:

    Check these articles out and be on the lookout for future installments.

    Instrument containerized Java applications with Cryostat

    Cryostat is a tool for managing JDK Flight Recorder data on Kubernetes, and Cryostat 2.1 delivers a slew of improvements and new features. Check out this series on the topic to learn more:

    May 2022 on Red Hat Developer

    Here's the full lineup of articles published on Red Hat Developer so far this month:

    Last updated: September 20, 2023