Getting GitOps: A practical platform with OpenShift, Argo CD, and Tekton

Wanja Pernath
Getting GitOps e-book cover


Cloud environments such as Kubernetes and OpenShift benefit from processes different from the ones developers traditionally used for standalone applications. Automation becomes a necessity in large environments and fast-changing configurations of hosts.

Getting GitOps is a practical guide through the jungle of modern development with Kubernetes, with a focus on application distribution via continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and GitOps on Red Hat OpenShift. It starts by defining a common use case and taking you through it from beginning to end. 

This book covers:

  • How to install and use Quarkus for Java development
  • How to configure an application to use a PostgreSQL database in a Kubernetes environment
  • Basic Kubernetes files
  • OpenShift Templates
  • The Kustomize configuration management tool
  • The Docker, Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo build tools
  • Basic Helm charts and subcharts
  • Kubernetes Operators
  • CI/CD with Tekton
  • CI/CD with OpenShift Pipelines
  • GitOps with Argo CD
  • Tekton security


Each application you’re deploying on Kubernetes has a bunch of YAML files that are required to run your application. Adding those files to your project in a Git repository is just a natural step forward. And if you had a tool that could read those files from the repository and apply them to a specified Kubernetes namespace, wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that’s what GitOps accomplishes. And Argo CD is one of the available tools to help you do GitOps.

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