Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat® OpenShift® is a unified platform to build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale. Work smarter and faster with a complete set of services for bringing apps to market on your choice of infrastructure.

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Red Hat OpenShift in the public cloud

Red Hat OpenShift offers many environments, and your Development and Operations efforts are portable between them. That means you can start locally on your own machine and then simply deploy to a cloud-based solution in the future with no changes needed. You can install Red Hat OpenShift in your account on any of the supported public cloud providers. With Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, you get the power of OpenShift without the need to install and maintain it.


Red Hat OpenShift Service on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is a fully managed container platform service operated on AWS, jointly managed by Red Hat and AWS. It allows developers to quickly and easily build, deploy, and manage containerized applications on a comprehensive Kubernetes platform. Developers launch this solution directly through the AWS self-service console and the resources are invoiced as a part of their AWS bill.

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Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides highly available, fully managed Red Hat OpenShift clusters on-demand, monitored and operated jointly by Microsoft and Red Hat with an integrated support experience. Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift enables developers to build and scale applications across the hybrid cloud with speed, agility, confidence, and choice.

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Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on AWS or Google Cloud

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is an enterprise Kubernetes platform professionally managed by Red Hat, hosted on AWS or Google Cloud, and dedicated to a single customer. It includes a Linux operating system, container runtime, developer tools, networking, monitoring, container registry, authentication, and authorization.

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Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud is a managed OpenShift cloud service that reduces operational complexity and helps developers build and scale applications with the security and resiliency of IBM Cloud. Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud enables developers to focus on adding more value to their business with innovative solutions, while IBM manages the rest.

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