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DevNation Deep Dive: Kubernetes II


Italian, Portuguese, & Spanish. You learned the Kubernetes basics, so what’s next? Deploying successfully, of course! Limit the resources you app can consume, perform smooth rolling updates with proper health and readiness probes, and master the configuration of your apps.

Developer Advocate for OpenShift
Developer Advocate
Alex Soto
Software Engineer

DevNation Tech Talk: Level-up your gaming telemetry using Kafka Streams


Many modern video games are constantly evolving post-release. New maps, game modes, and game balancing adjustments are rolled out, often on a weekly basis. This continuous iteration to improve player engagement and satisfaction requires data-driven decision making based on events and telemetry captured during gameplay, and from community forums and discussions. In this session you will learn how...

Technical Marketing Manager
summer break

DevNation Summer Sabbatical: Aug 6 - Sep 6, 2021


As travel restrictions ease and destinations open up, we are all looking forward to reconnecting with family, friends, and fun places. DevNation events will be taking a break as well, beginning August 6, 2021. We will resume with a new Deep Dive, Spring Booth on Kubernetes, on September 7, 2021. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer break!


DevNation: The Show


Join the DevNation for a weekly hour-long live chat show for all things Kubernetes, Java, and Linux. We will deliver the latest developer news you need and interview guests with specialized tech expertise. We will also feature ways for you to be involved, like live Q&A and special quizzes, polls, and contests.

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat

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