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Join us for online events, or attend regional events held around the world—you'll meet peers, industry leaders, and Red Hat's Developer Evangelists and OpenShift Developer Advocates. For additional offerings featuring OpenShift technologies and experts, visit the OpenShift events page.

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DevNation Lab: Hands-on with OpenShift May 31


This DevNation Lab features a hands-on introduction to using OpenShift from the perspective of a developer. You MUST attend the live event to participate. Each attendee will work in an OpenShift cluster via your Developer Sandbox account.

Senior Principal Developer Advocate
Alex Soto
Software Engineer

DevNation Tech Talk: Event-driven autoscaling through KEDA and Knative Integration


This talk will teach you how to redesign an event-driven autoscaling architecture for cloud-native microservices by utilizing Apache Kafka, Knative, and KEDA infrastructure. You will also learn how to deploy serverless applications (Quarkus) using a Knative service. Finally, KEDA will enable you to autoscale Knative Eventing components (KafkaSource) through events consumption over standard...

Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager
openjs 2022

OpenJS World 2022


Join us at OpenJS to hear from Red Hatters Michael Dawson, speaking on 'Node.js - What's Next' and Bethany Griggs, for 'Debugging Your Way Through a Node.js Upgrade'. Also come by our booth for cool swag and to visit with Red Hat experts!


JNation 2022


Join Red Hat Developer at JNation in Coimbra, Portugal. This year features a Quarkus UNConference on June 6, and a full track of Quarkus talks on the main conference day. We will also have great swag in the expo area!


DevNation Workshop: Deploy and manage your APIs with Red Hat OpenShift API Management


In this guided workshop you will use the Red Hat OpenShift API Management sandbox to: Access your Red Hat OpenShift API Management portal. Deploy a containerized application that exposes an HTTP API. Annotate the application for integration with Red Hat OpenShift API Management. Secure and manage your HTTP API using Red Hat OpenShift API Management. You will leave the workshop with instructions...

Principal Product Marketing Manager

DevNation: The Show


Join the DevNation for a weekly hour-long live chat show for all things Kubernetes, Java, and Linux. We will deliver the latest developer news you need and interview guests with specialized tech expertise. We will also feature ways for you to be involved, like live Q&A and special quizzes, polls, and contests.

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
2022 dnd france

DevNation Day: France


DevNation Day est un événement hybride gratuit qui a pour objectif de partager les dernières innovations, cas d'usage et applications pour les développeurs et les équipes techniques. Rejoignez-nous le Mardi 28 Juin à 9h45, en présentiel à l'Ecole 42 à Paris (75017), ou via livestream, pour une journée dédiée aux parcours des développeurs, aux innovations App Dev, au Green IT et à la sobriété...

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer

Join developers across the globe for live and virtual events led by the Red Hat technologists who create our products.