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Join us from anywhere for online events, or attend regional events held around the world—you'll meet peers, industry leaders, and Red Hat's Developer Evangelists and OpenShift Developer Advocates. For additional offerings featuring OpenShift technologies and experts, visit the OpenShift events page.


DevNation Tech Talk: From code to Kubernetes the fast way with odo 2.0


With more organizations switching to a cloud-native approach, deploying cloud-native applications can still be complicated. odo simplifies the development process through an open-source CLI that empowers developers to write, build, and deploy applications on OpenShift. In this DevNation Tech Talk, we’ll introduce the odo CLI, highlight new 2.0 features such as devfiles, and deploy an application...

OpenShift Developer Advocate Intern
DevNation Labs event

DevNation Labs: OpenShift Hands-On Workshop & Lab (HOWL)


On Nov 2 and Nov 4, DevNation brings you 3-hour long workshops featuring a hands-on introduction to using OpenShift from the perspective of a developer. Each attendee will be assigned their own personal OpenShift cluster for these workshops. Your cluster will remain active through the week following the session you attended. You MUST attend the live event to participate and receive your cluster.

nodeconf 2020

NodeConf Remote 2020


Join Red Hat Nov 2-6, 2020 at Europe’s biggest Node.js conference, now fully virtual. There are Red Hat speakers, and we will have experts on hand to chat with you. Also be sure to enter our raffle for a cool swag pack!


DevNation: The Show


Join the DevNation for a weekly hour-long live chat show for all things Kubernetes, Java, and Linux. We will deliver the latest developer news you need and interview guests with specialized tech expertise. We will also feature ways for you to be involved, like live Q&A and special quizzes, polls, and contests.

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat

DevNation Tech Talk: Profiling Java inside containers with ContainerJFR


Annoyed by some bug in your Java application? Need to profile that performance bottleneck in your JVM? And all of this inside a container? Don't worry: we got you covered. Join this session to learn more about using JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) and JDK Mission Control (JMC) to troubleshoot, monitor, and profile Java applications. Also learn how to do all of this for Java applications inside...

Senior Software Engineer

DevNation Tech Talk: Java and containers: What's there to think about?


Java poses some interesting challenges when running inside of a container. Is the default memory chosen based on the container limits or actual limits of the box? What does it mean to give a JVM a partial share of a processor? Does it ever make sense to run a parallel garbage collector on a single processor container? What are the issues with checkpointing a JVM that you don't have when...

Senior Principal Software Engineer

Temenos SCALE Online Developer Conference 2020


Join Red Hat at SCALE Nov 18-19. 2020, the conference built by developers for developers. Expand your knowledge with two days of high-quality content, including hands-on workshops, technical and customer presentations, product roadmap sessions, and demonstrations.


DevNation Tech Talk: Take the highway: Quarkus reactive routes


Quarkus is not only a Kubernetes-native stack offering an incredible developer experience, it's also a reactive framework. You notice this reactive nature when building event-driven microservices, but will see it also provides nice perks for HTTP and REST applications. In this talk, we will explain how the reactive engine of Quarkus allows implementing synchronous HTTP APIs as well as asynchronous...

Red Hat Reactive Chief Architect

DevNation Tech Talk: Serverless, Tekton, and Argo CD: How to craft modern CI/CD workflows


In this talk, we will showcase the potential of combining Tekton and ArgoCD for building a CI/CD workflow leveraging the capabilities of a serverless application. Tekton, a Kubernetes native framework, will be in charge of the Continuous Integration while ArgoCD will add the Continuous Delivery using a GitOps approach. During the session, we will briefly describe all the steps, tools, and...

Senior AppDev Architect

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