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What is the Developer Sandbox?

The Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift provides you with 30 days of no-cost access to a shared cluster on OpenShift, an enterprise-grade Kubernetes-based platform. Get instant access to your own minimal, preconfigured OpenShift environment for development and testing, hosted and managed by Red Hat.

  • Bring your own source code: Spin up your application in no time with GitHub integration.
  • Utilize bundled tools and services: Your Developer Sandbox cluster includes technology integrations such as Apache Camel K, Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines, Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces, Red Hat OpenShift Serverless, and Red Hat OpenShift AI to help you quickly launch your application.
  • Learn using guided tutorials: Develop your skills with our catalog of use case-based activities created by Red Hat experts, including sample code.

Refer to our FAQs for more details.

Build and deploy your apps to Kubernetes

The OpenShift cloud-native application platform has everything you need to manage your development life cycle securely, including standardized workflows, support for multiple environments, continuous integration, and release management.


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Code and test in a cloud-based development environment

Quickly spin up a development environment with everything you need—all hosted on OpenShift. Code, build, and test with VS Code, IntellIJ, or your favorite integrated development environment (IDE) using only a web browser. Leverage bundled high-grade, certified container images for popular stacks as the base for your applications.


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Develop, train, and serve AI/ML models

Access an AI platform that includes popular open source tooling, including familiar tools and libraries like Jupyter, TensorFlow, and PyTorch, along with MLOps components for model serving and data science pipelines—all integrated into a flexible UI.


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Ease onboarding and improve developer productivity

Use Red Hat Developer Hub to set up an internal development platform for seamless onboarding. Developer Hub extends Backstage by providing additional features for platform engineers such as integration with OpenShift, enterprise role-based access control (RBAC), and dynamic plug-ins.


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Develop your application with runtimes and frameworks

With the Developer Sandbox, get access to industry-leading frameworks and languages such as Quarkus, Node.js, React.js, and .NET to jump-start your application development.


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Automate CI/CD processes with OpenShift Pipelines

OpenShift Pipelines, based on the Tekton project, offers a native integration with the OpenShift platform to provide a smooth experience for developers.


Featured use case activities

The Developer Sandbox is perfect for immediate access to OpenShift, but where do you even start? Here are some recommended use case-based activities to help you get started.

What comes after the Developer Sandbox?

The Developer Sandbox is an ideal place to start developing your project. Once you are ready to take your application to production or you begin to hit resource limitations with the Developer Sandbox, consider moving your project to Red Hat OpenShift in the public cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift is available on all major public cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud.

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