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Top Kubernetes and OpenShift resources of 2022

Heiker Medina

We've rounded up some of our favorite Kubernetes and OpenShift content from 2022, including stories about microservices and container optimization, along with top announcements.

Node.js container with S2I feature image

How to deploy Next.js applications to Red Hat OpenShift

Michael Dawson

Next.js is one of many popular frameworks for deploying sites based on Node.js. In this article, you'll learn how to deploy Next.js applications using the ubi8/nodejs-16 and ubi8/nodejs-16-minimal containers available from Red Hat. We will also show you how to deploy the containers to Red Hat OpenShift.

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Perform in-place Kubernetes updates with a Blue/Green Deployment

Red Hat OpenShift is built on Kubernetes. It allows you to perform in-place updates of existing running applications and spin up a different version of an application—newer or older—and have the traffic automatically routed to that version.