Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI

Seamlessly develop, deploy, and run open source Granite generative AI models to power your enterprise applications.


Introducing an accessible open source AI platform

Simplify deployment across a hybrid infrastructure environment. RHEL AI incorporates an enterprise-ready version of the InstructLab project and Granite language models, combined with a bootable image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This creates a foundation model platform for bringing open source-licensed gen AI models into the enterprise. An open source approach to AI lowers costs and removes barriers to testing and experimentation. 

Users can also join a growing community of AI contributors through InstructLab, a cost-effective solution for augmenting large language models (LLMs) with additional skills and data.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

What’s included in RHEL AI

Open source Granite language and code models

Fully supported and indemnified by Red Hat for enterprise use.

A supported, life-cycled distribution of InstructLab

A scalable, cost-effective solution for enhancing LLM capabilities and making knowledge and skills contributions accessible.


Cloud-native scalability

Red Hat Enterprise Linux image mode lets you manage your AI platform as a container image, streamlining your approach to scaling.

Optimized bootable model runtime instances

Granite models and InstructLab tooling packages as bootable RHEL images via RHEL image mode, including Pytorch and required runtime libraries and hardware accelerators for NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI allows portability across hybrid cloud environments and provides an onramp to AI at scale with Red Hat OpenShift AI, and to additional capabilities with IBM

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