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Create Java applications for anything and everything with Red Hat’s runtimes and frameworks.

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Java on OpenShift

Develop Java applications for the hybrid cloud with Quarkus on OpenShift.


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Java in containers

Create reusable, lightweight Java applications with containers.

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Java on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Build secure apps on a secure platform.


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Java on the edge 

Lightweight, fast Java apps for edge networks.

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Cloud deployments with Kubernetes and DevOps.

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Automated, modernized application security using familiar DevOps principles.

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Ansible automation for applications and services

Management at the push of a button, wherever you need it.

Java articles and tutorials


What's new for developers in JDK 21

Java 21 is here! Explore new features in JDK 21, including virtual threads, record patterns, and sequenced collections.

Java + Quarkus 2

Write operators in Java with JOSDK, Part 4: Upgrading strategies

This article discusses how to upgrade the QOSDK and Quarkus code so that future installments can be done with recent versions of the projects.

Java + Quarkus 2

Quarkus extensions give Java dependencies superpowers

Get an introduction to Quarkus extensions and find out why they are an integral part of the Quarkus ecosystem.

Featured image for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

Automate message queue deployment on JBoss EAP

This tutorial shows how to automate message queue management and deployment using the Ansible collection for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application