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Java on OpenShift

Develop Java applications for the hybrid cloud with Quarkus on OpenShift.

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Java in containers

Create reusable, lightweight Java applications with containers.

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Java on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Build secure apps on a secure platform.

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Java on the edge 

Lightweight, fast Java apps for edge networks.

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Cloud deployments with Kubernetes and DevOps.

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Automated, modernized application security using familiar DevOps principles.

Java articles and tutorials

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How to generate code using Fabric8 Kubernetes Client

Learn how to generate code using tools provided by Fabric8 Kubernetes Client, including Fabric8 CRD Generator and Fabric8 Java Generator. (Part 4 of 5

Fabric 8 Maven

How to write tests with Fabric8 Kubernetes Client

Learn how to effectively write tests for Kubernetes applications in Java using Fabric8 Kubernetes Mock Server and Fabric8 Kubernetes JUnit Jupiter

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Fine-grained authorization for Quarkus microservices

Quarkus has support for Relationship-Based Access Control (ReBAC) to implement permissions robustly in microservices.


How to run the correct Java version after an update

This article explains how to ensure the JAVA_HOME environment variable reflects the JDK version on your system after you upgrade Java.

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