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Managed cloud services provide stable training and workload platforms for development.

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Building machine learning models in the cloud

Audrey Reznik

Get hands-on resources for building machine learning models using Red Hat OpenShift Data Science. Learn how to use NLP, Jupyter notebooks, and more.

Red Hat OpenShift

Five layers of security for Red Hat Data Grid on OpenShift

Kapil Shukla

This article talks about multiple layers of security available while deploying Red Hat Data Grid on OpenShift. The layers of security offer a combination of security measures provided by Data Grid as well as by OpenShift/Kubernetes.

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Wearable Tech: A Developer’s Security Nightmare

Samantha Donaldson

Web developers and IT professionals are the foundations of any quality business’ data security. However, with technology constantly changing and evolving as well as becoming more consumer-friendly, this data’s vulnerability only increases and it can often be hard to even notice how this new technology can actually affect your company until it occurs. Despite this, ignorance to modern hacking techniques does not refute their inability to transform even the smallest of devices into a weapon with which to infect or...

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