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Managing GitOps control planes for secure GitOps practices

Chetan Banavikalmutt, Shubham Agarwal
August 3, 2021

Learn how you can implement secure GitOps practices for developer teams by setting up control planes with the Red Hat OpenShift GitOps operator.

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How to secure Apache Kafka schemas with Red Hat Integration Service Registry 2.0

July 16, 2021

Find out what's new in Red Hat Integration Service Registry 2.0, then use the new single sign-on feature to secure your registry using OpenID Connect.

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Build your own tool to search for code sequences in binary files

July 15, 2021

Use the annocheck stack clash scanner to build a custom scanning tool that you can use to search for a variety of instruction sequences inside executable files.

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Use source-level annotations to help GCC detect buffer overflows

June 25, 2021

Explore three source-level annotations that you can use to help detect out-of-bounds accesses across function call boundaries in GCC 11.

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Authorino: Making open source, cloud-native API security simple and flexible

June 18, 2021

Get started with Authorino, a proxy-based security tool that provides flexible, Zero Trust API protection based on a range of authentication and authorization models, mechanisms, and policies.

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How to size your projects for Red Hat's single sign-on technology

June 7, 2021

Use the performance benchmarks in this article to better estimate the size of your projects and acquire the right number of subscriptions for Red Hat's single sign-on technology.

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