Ansible automation for applications and services

Management at the push of a button, wherever you need it.

Get started with Ansible for Application Services

Getting up to speed with Ansible Middleware is easy and only requires a few steps. This tutorial demonstrates and guides you through the process of preparing a local machine with the necessary tooling and then deploying an instance of WildFly using the WildFly collection provided by Ansible Middleware.

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Begin your automation journey with Ansible Automation Platform

Download Ansible Automation Platform and start your automation journey. Ansible Automation Platform is available on Microsoft Azure as a managed offering and on AWS as self-managed offering supported by Red Hat. To access Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform hosted services, visit the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.

Popular automation resources

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Deploy Keycloak single sign-on with Ansible

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Deploy Infinispan automatically with Ansible

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Automate Red Hat JBoss Web Server deployments with Ansible

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Automate and deploy a JBoss EAP cluster with Ansible

Choosing an Automation Tool e-book

Choosing an Automation Tool e-book