Formerly Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces

Start using cloud development environments in your enterprise Kubernetes. OpenShift Dev Spaces is a container-based service for creating consistent and secured developer environments on Red Hat OpenShift to increase developer productivity and optimize costs. Learn more  

A cloud development environment (CDE) service for OpenShift

Built on the open source Eclipse Che project, Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces uses Kubernetes and containers to provide developers and other IT team members with a consistent, secure, and zero-configuration development environment. The experience is as fast and familiar as an integrated development environment (IDE) on your laptop.

OpenShift Dev Spaces is included with your OpenShift subscription and is available in the OperatorHub. It gives development teams a faster and more reliable foundation on which to work and offers operations teams centralized control and peace of mind.

Want to see for yourself? Get coding today in the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift, which includes OpenShift Dev Spaces to try out at no cost.

German government simplifies digital services with Capgemini and Red Hat

Capgemini is a global business and technology transformation partner whose clients wanted their software developers to work with more agility and the newest tools. Using Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces, Capgemini used centrally managed workspaces and automated configurations to them accelerate their key processes and modernize their operations. 

Streamlining administrative services posed an immense challenge for the German government, particularly with the lengthy onboarding process for developers. Each laptop required individual setup and stringent security measures, slowing down the progress. However, through a strategic partnership with Capgemini and Red Hat, innovative solutions like Dev Spaces were implemented, reducing onboarding time from 8 weeks to just 24 hours. Now, developers can swiftly deploy digital solutions, ensuring faster access to essential services for all German citizens.

Modern development workflow

Cloud development environments

Focus on coding, not infrastructure. Get your application and development environment containerized and running on OpenShift without having to worry about the complexities of Kubernetes management. Access development environments easily using a web link.

Cloud development environments
VS Code and JetBrains IDEs in the browser

VS Code and JetBrains IDEs in the browser

OpenShift Dev Spaces includes Microsoft Visual Studio Code - Open Source and JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA. You can choose which IDE to run in your cloud development environments. You only need a machine capable of running a web browser to code, build, test, and run on OpenShift. Administrators and developers can customize their Dev Spaces instance and other web-based IDEs.

Developer workspaces defined as code

Customize your workspaces using a devfile. With devfiles, the development environments are defined as code, which makes them consistent and
eliminates "works on my machine" issues. A devfile lets you customize the following:

  • Resource allocation
  • Pre-defined commands to build, test, debug, and run
  • Containers with development tools
  • Containers or Kubernetes manifest for services required for testing
  • Workspace start and stop events
  • Source code repositories
Developer workspaces defined as code
Enterprise integration

Enterprise integration

The cloud development environments run inside the organization network, and the source code access is secured using the same access tools used across the rest of the organization. Workspaces can be automatically configured with enterprise proxy and trusted TLS certificate bundles. Access to the workspaces is secured using OpenShift OAuth and allows LDAP or Active Directory (AD). Administrators can easily manage and monitor workspaces as any other Kubernetes resource.

Kubernetes development made easy

Build and test applications on OpenShift without having to configure access credentials manually. Development environments run on OpenShift and are pre-configured with developer credentials.

Kubernetes development made easy
Near instant onboarding

Near instant onboarding

Anyone with a browser can start contributing to a project within two minutes–it’s not just a core development team that can benefit and contribute. Integration with the Red Hat OpenShift developer console also allows you to launch a workspace for an application directly from the Topology view.

Set of samples based on Red Hat technologies

Leverage the bundled high-grade, certified container images for popular stacks as the base for your enterprise-grade applications.

Set of samples based on Red Hat technologies

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