Formerly Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces

Start coding on Kubernetes. A collaborative Kubernetes-native solution for rapid application development that delivers consistent developer environments on Red Hat OpenShift to allow anyone with a browser to contribute code in under two minutes. Learn more.

The OpenShift-native developer workspace server and IDE

Built on the open Eclipse Che project, Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces uses Kubernetes and containers to provide any member of the development or IT team with a consistent, secure, and zero-configuration development environment. The experience is as fast and familiar as an integrated development environment on your laptop.

OpenShift Dev Spaces is included with your OpenShift subscription and is available in the Operator Hub. It provides development teams a faster and more reliable foundation on which to work, and it gives operations centralized control and peace of mind.

Get coding today with our free Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift, which includes OpenShift Dev Spaces to try out at no cost.


Modern development workflow

OpenShift-native development

Developers can focus more on coding, with their application and development environment containerized and running on OpenShift - all without needing to understand the details of Kubernetes. Administrators can easily manage and monitor workspaces as any other Kubernetes resource.

In-browser IDE

OpenShift Dev Spaces includes a powerful and familiar in-browser IDE with support for Microsoft Visual Studio Code extensions. Developers need only a machine capable of running a web browser to code, build, test, and run on OpenShift.

Consistent one-click developer workspaces

Workspaces are centrally configured, easily shareable, and are consistent to
remove "works on my machine" issues. A workspace includes:

  • Resource allocation
  • Project source code repositories
  • Application runtimes
  • Build tools
  • Development tools: Browser-based editor and plug-ins

Near instant onboarding

Anyone with a browser can start contributing to a project within two minutes–it’s not just a core development team that can benefit and contribute.Integration with the Red Hat OpenShift Developer Console also allows you to launch a workspace for an application directly from the Topology view.

Enterprise integration

The entire development workspace and source code access are secured using the same access tools used across the rest of the organization.

Includes Red Hat SSO to handle authentication and security between the developer teams. Allows integration with LDAP or AD.

    Inner loop made easy

    Developers can run their application, view live-updates a preview pane as they code, and share with colleagues and stakeholders by easily exposing a route.

    Broad set of certified stacks

    Developers can leverage the bundled high-grade, certified container images for popular stacks as the base for their enterprise-grade applications.

    CodeReady Workspaces dashboard
    CRW monitoring dashboard