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Effortlessly simplify, secure, and accelerate your application and API connectivity across clusters.

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Red hat Connectivity link

Simplify application development with Red Hat Connectivity Link

Red Hat Connectivity Link, is your answer to the complex landscape of application connectivity and API management. Connectivity Link tackles the challenges of fragmented application connectivity by providing a unified, Kubernetes-native solution that simplifies resource management, enhances visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, and ensures comprehensive API lifecycle oversight. Previously, managing authentication, application connectivity, policy management and routing in multi-cluster environments was cumbersome, requiring intricate adjustments and upkeep on a per-cluster basis—a process both inefficient and hard to scale. Leveraging the strengths of the open-source project and seamlessly integrated with the Kubernetes-based Red Hat OpenShift platform, Red Hat Connectivity Link revolutionizes this process.

Red Hat Connectivity Link delivers a streamlined and composable approach to application connectivity and security, making it the best choice for managing your applications in single to multi-cluster Kubernetes environments.

Red Hat Connectivity Link features in Developer Preview

Launching in Developer Preview underscores our commitment to transparency, community engagement, and delivering a high-quality product tailored to the needs of our users. This early involvement allows us to gather crucial feedback for refining and enhancing the product, ensuring it not only meets, but also anticipates industry needs. Featured in this Developer Preview are advanced tools for API and application connectivity management, designed to streamline deployment, integration, and management processes across Kubernetes clusters, there by fostering a collaborative ecosystem for future development. (For more information on Developer Preview, please check here). Please visit the Release Notes for Red Hat Connectivity 0.7 Developer Preview.

Standardized Enterprise-Wide Deployments

Multi-Cluster Setup/Configuration

Ensure that your configurations are consistent and standardized, simplifying management and enhancing operational reliability.

Enhanced Security and Efficiency

High Availability / Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for the unexpected and establish uninterrupted service, ensuring that your platforms remain resilient against unexpected disaster.

Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Open-Source Supported Metrics & Observability

Unlock comprehensive insights into your infrastructure & data with Prometheus, Grafana, and Thanos, enabling informed decision-making and superior monitoring capabilities.

Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Open API Specification Editor with extensions

Streamline API management by enabling quick design, editing, and validation of API specifications with real-time feedback and error-checking. This reduces development time and complexity while ensuring compliance with OpenAPI standards.

Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Integrations with AWS Route 53, Google Cloud DNS & Azure DNS

Simplify DNS management and enhance your traffic management with reliable DNS solutions, ensuring smooth and efficient routing across your digital landscape.

Simplified Workflows with Podman Desktop

Global Rate Limiting

Simplify implementation of comprehensive global rate limiting strategies to secure endpoints, manage load balancing effectively, and maintain the integrity and performance of your platform.

Use case capabilities

Red Hat Connectivity Link connects API Management, Application Connectivity, and Policy Management capabilities in a composable way with power and simplicity. The synergy of these capabilities optimizes performance and stability.

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