Organizations that use CentOS Linux for their developers and run a Red Hat offering in their enterprise now have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) offering that can replace CentOS Linux with a RHEL subscription and all the benefits of the Red Hat Developer Program. The zero-cost Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams provides customers access to RHEL for all their development work. This includes access to enough physical or virtual entitlements for all development needs and includes all the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including rapid security updates, access to all the RHEL certifications, RHEL management tools, including Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Insights, and access to RHEL extended lifecycle offerings. Developer support is available for customers through paid add-ons to the Developer Subscription for Teams.

Customers can use the Developer Subscription for Teams for:

  • Developing applications for RHEL and all its add-ons to run on all Red Hat products
  • Providing in-house development teams with all the RHEL they need for building and testing their applications
  • Application development, test, and continuous integration
  • Multi-user development, build, test, and integration scenarios
  • Organizations that want to choose a combination of paid and self-support options

Additional benefits of the subscription include:

  • Access to Red Hat Developer Program content
  • Access to the Red Hat Customer Portal and Red Hat Knowledgebase
  • Getting started guides, documentation, and a rich catalog of certified applications

Interested in learning more? Click here or talk to a Red Hatter to learn more about the Developer Subscription for Teams.

Last updated: June 9, 2022