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Java + Quarkus 2

Integrate your Quarkus application with GPT4All

Alex Soto Alex Soto Bueno

GPT4All is an open source tool that lets you deploy large language models locally without a GPU. Learn how to integrate GPT4All into a Quarkus application.

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The Red Hat community commitment to open source

Headshot for Mithun T. Dhar. Mithun T. Dhar

Red Hat is the world’s largest open source company and a top CNCF contributor. Explore the projects and contributions advancing our technological landscape.

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How to trigger jobs manually in Packit

Jakub Stejskal Jakub Stejskal + 1

Explore new features in Packit, an open source project that simplifies integration with Fedora Linux, CentOS Stream, and other distributions.


Drop git pull for fetch and rebase

Yftach Herzog

This article explains why you shouldn’t use the git pull command and why fetch and rebase tools give you more control of pull requests.

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