The Path to GitOps

Christian Hernandez
May 16, 2022
The Path to GitOps


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GitOps delivers on the vision promised to a DevOps culture, and while the practice isn’t new, organizations are starting to realize how valuable it is to deliver products in a fast, highly automated, and secure way without compromising the quality of their code. 

This book, written by Christian Hernandez , host of the bi-weekly GitOps Guide to the Galaxy , contributor to ArgoCD and OpenGitOps , outlines the tools, workflows, and structures teams need to have in place in order to enable a complete GitOps workflow for practitioners who are just getting started or are considering developing their own GitOps practice. 

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About the author

Christian Hernandez

Christian Hernandez currently works on the Customer and Field Engagement team in the Hybrid Platforms organization at Red Hat. He is a technologist with experience in infrastructure engineering, systems administration, enterprise architecture, tech support, advocacy, and management. Lately, he has been focusing on Kubernetes, DevOps, cloud native architecture, and GitOps practices. Christian is passionate about open source and containerizing the world one application at a time.