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Featured image for InstructLab.
May 07, 2024

InstructLab: Advancing generative AI through open source

Alina Ryan

Introducing InstructLab, an open source project for enhancing large language...

Feature image for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
May 07, 2024

Introducing image mode for RHEL and bootable containers in Podman Desktop

Tim deBoer +1

Image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) uses bootable containers to...

Featured image for Red Hat Developer Hub.
May 06, 2024

What is platform engineering and why do we need it?

Markus Eisele

Discover the power of platform engineering and developer portals, which...

Featured image for Red Hat OpenShift AI.
May 01, 2024

Red Hat OpenShift AI installation and setup

Diego Alvarez Ponce +1

Learn how to install the Red Hat OpenShift AI operator and its components in...

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ansible share image
Jun 13, 2024

Demystifying the role of an automation developer (it's not what you think)

Anshul Behl

Put aside your job title or reporting structure: if you're an IT domain...

Featured image for: Value range propagation in GCC with Project Ranger.
Jun 13, 2024

A practical guide to linker section ordering

Nick Clifton

Learn how to use a linker's section ordering feature to experiment with the...

Building resilient event-driven architectures with Apache Kafka
Jun 13, 2024

How to manage and preserve Kafka Connect offsets smoothly

Abdellatif Bouchama

Get tips on managing and preserving Kafka Connect offsets smoothly starting...

InstructLab Banner
Jun 12, 2024

Getting started with InstructLab for generative AI model tuning

Cedric Clyburn

Learn how to fine-tune large language models with specific skills and...

Kubernetes + OpenShift featured image
Jun 12, 2024

Getting started with Red Hat Connectivity Link on OpenShift

Bernard Tison

Learn how to get started with Red Hat Connectivity Link, which provides...

Java + Quarkus 2
Jun 12, 2024

4 ways to deploy Quarkus applications in OpenShift Container Platform 4

Francisco De Melo Junior +1

This article describes the BuildConfig process for Quarkus applications in...

Featured image for: SCTP over UDP in the Linux kernel.
Jun 11, 2024

Get system-wide profiles of binaries without frame pointers

Serhei Makarov

Introducing eu-stacktrace, a prototype tool that uses the elfutils toolkit's...

 hero image
Jun 10, 2024

What’s new in Red Hat build of Apache Camel 4.4

Ivo Bek

Red Hat build of Apache Camel 4.4 is a versatile toolkit for enterprise...

Featured image for Red Hat Developer Hub.
Jun 10, 2024

A platform for building developer portals

Hans-Peter Grahsl +2

Explore the concept of internal developer platforms (IDPs) through the lens...