Node.js lead for Red Hat and IBM

Michael Dawson

Michael Dawson is an active contributor to the Node.js project and chair of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee(TSC). He contributes to a broad range of community efforts including platform support, build infrastructure, N-API, Release, as well as tools to help the community achieve quality with speed (ex: ci jobs, benchmarking and code coverage reporting). As the Node.js lead for Red Hat and IBM , he works with Red Hat's and IBM's internal teams to plan and facilitate their contributions to Node.js and v8 within the Node and Google communities.Past experience includes building IBM's Java runtime, building and operating client facing e-commerce applications, building PKI and symmetric based crypto solutions as well as a number of varied consulting engagements. In his spare time, he uses Node.js to automate his home and life for fun.

Michael Dawson's contributions

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How to deploy Next.js applications to Red Hat OpenShift

Michael Dawson

Next.js is one of many popular frameworks for deploying sites based on Node.js. In this article, you'll learn how to deploy Next.js applications using the ubi8/nodejs-16 and ubi8/nodejs-16-minimal containers available from Red Hat. We will also show you how to deploy the containers to Red Hat OpenShift.

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Node.js 18 LTS - Preparing for deployment on RHEL

Michael Dawson

Node.js 18 has been promoted to LTS in the upstream community. Due to lead times and existing schedules for RHEL it take a little bit of time for the LTS version to be availble in RHEL. Read this post to learn about what options you have for doing early testing between now and when Node.js 18 LTS is available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.