Andrew Azores

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew Azores is a Senior Software Engineer on Red Hat's Java Monitoring Team.


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A faster way to access JDK Flight Recorder data

Use Cryostat 2.0's new POST rule to immediately retrieve JDK Flight Recorder data for diagnosing performance disruptions in your Java microservices.


Custom JFR event templates with Cryostat 2.0

Use Red Hat OpenShift ConfigMaps and the Cryostat Operator to create custom JDK Flight Recorder event templates for your Java applications.


Automating JDK Flight Recorder in containers

Use Cryostat 2.0's new automated rules API to streamline common JDK Flight Recorder monitoring use cases for your containerized JVM.


Java monitoring for custom targets with Cryostat

Learn how to create custom JMX connectors in Cryostat 2.0, then use your new custom URL to monitor a containerized Java application on Red Hat OpenShift.


Configuring Java applications to use Cryostat

Create a new Quarkus JVM application, configure it for JMX, and deploy it to Red Hat OpenShift as a Cryostat-compatible target application.


Announcing Cryostat 2.0: JDK Flight Recorder for containers

Discover new features and use cases for profiling and monitoring containerized applications with JDK Flight Recorder and Cryostat 2.0.


Introduction to Cryostat: JDK Flight Recorder for containers

Find out how Cryostat brings JDK Flight Recorder's powerful profiling and monitoring features to your container-managed OpenJDK applications.