Fundamentals of OpenShift AI

In this learning exercise, we will start OpenShift AI within the OpenShift cluster, guide you through accessing the OpenShift AI dashboard, and illustrate the procedure for retrieving a GitHub repository within the JupyterLab environment. Using JupyterHub, you will execute sample machine learning programs.

Start your OpenShift AI 

Overview: Fundamentals of OpenShift AI

Red Hat OpenShift AI is a platform designed for Machine Learning Engineers, AI Engineers, data scientists, and developers of artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It offers a fully supported environment for rapidly developing, training, testing, and deploying machine learning models either on-premises or in the public cloud.

OpenShift AI is available as a managed cloud service add-on to the OpenShift cloud services, or as self-managed software that you can install on-premise or in the public cloud on OpenShift.

In this learning exercise, you will create and set up options for your AI project from the Red Hat OpenShift AI dashboard. To gain access to your Red Hat OpenShift AI environment, you must first obtain access to the OpenShift sandbox by following this link.