OpenShift Developer Advocate

Cedric Clyburn

Cedric Clyburn is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat. His work focuses on developing new workshops, demos, and content, highlighting developer tooling and various projects such as Podman, Buildah, Tekton, and more. He loves all things open-source and Kubernetes, helping to make developers' lives easier!

Cedric Clyburn's contributions

Kubernetes + OpenShift featured image

What you missed from Red Hat Summit: Connect North America 2022

Joshua Wood + 1

Red Hat Summit: Connect brought updated topics and tech from Red Hat’s annual Summit closer to partners, customers, and developers with a succession of events in New York, Dallas, and San Francisco during the last two weeks of September.

Featured image: Tekton Pipelines

Getting started with Tekton and Pipelines

Cedric Clyburn

Learn how to create a Kubernetes-native CI/CD pipeline by installing Tekton, creating Tasks, and then creating your own pipeline Tekton Pipeline.

Featured Image: Buildah and the Open Container Initiative (OCI)

Getting started with Buildah

Cedric Clyburn

Use Buildah to create a working Open Container Initiative container image from scratch, or from a pre-existing Dockerfile, before running it with Podman.

Featured image: Podman

Transitioning from Docker to Podman

Cedric Clyburn

Learn how to install Podman, practice its basic commands, transition away from Docker, and set up Apache HTTP Server 2.4 in a CentOS container with Podman.