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Cedric Clyburn

Cedric Clyburn, Developer Advocate at Red Hat, is an enthusiastic software technologist with a background in Kubernetes, DevOps, and container tools. He has experience speaking at conferences and events including DevNexus, WeAreDevelopers, DevConf, and more. Cedric loves all things open-source, and works to make developer's lives easier! Based out of New York.

Cedric Clyburn's contributions

Kubernetes + OpenShift featured image

What you missed from Red Hat Summit: Connect North America 2022

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Red Hat Summit: Connect brought updated topics and tech from Red Hat’s annual Summit closer to partners, customers, and developers with a succession of events in New York, Dallas, and San Francisco during the last two weeks of September.

Featured image: Tekton Pipelines

Getting started with Tekton and Pipelines

cedric-clyburn.png Cedric Clyburn

Learn how to create a Kubernetes-native CI/CD pipeline by installing Tekton, creating Tasks, and then creating your own pipeline Tekton Pipeline.

Featured Image: Buildah and the Open Container Initiative (OCI)

Getting started with Buildah

cedric-clyburn.png Cedric Clyburn

Use Buildah to create a working Open Container Initiative container image from scratch, or from a pre-existing Dockerfile, before running it with Podman.

Featured image: Podman

Transitioning from Docker to Podman

cedric-clyburn.png Cedric Clyburn

Learn how to install Podman, practice its basic commands, transition away from Docker, and set up Apache HTTP Server 2.4 in a CentOS container with Podman.

Podman can now ease the transition to Kubernetes and CRI-O

Intro to Podman

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Podman is an alternative to the Docker command-line interface that lets you run standalone, daemonless containers. See examples of how easy it is to use Podman.