DevNation Deep Dives

Welcome to DevNation Deep Dives - 1 hour LIVE events that take a deep dive into the fundamentals of developer technology. Each session comes with live code and commands, and live chat Q&A with verbal responses from the CodeCasters.

Deep dives are offered in up to six languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, and Brazilian Portuguese) across multiple time zones.

All Deep Dive Offerings

There are a variety of topics covered in Deep Dives. Learn about our current catalog of offerings, and keep your eyes peeled for your new sessions as they open for registration.


DevNation Deep Dive: Tekton Pipelines

Learn how to leverage Tekton for your pipeline automation.

DevNation Deep Dives: Kubernetes I, II, & III

Learn the basics of Kubernetes as well as the more advanced principles.

DevNation Deep Dive: Istio Service Mesh

Learn about the fundamentals of Istio Service Mesh.

DevNation Deep Dive: Knative Serverless

Learn how to get started with Knative and the interesting capabilities of Knative Serving and Knative Eventing.

DevNation Deep Dives: Kubernetes Operator SDK I & II

Learn about Kubernetes Operators and how to use Operator SDK.

DevNation Deep Dives: Quarkus I: Basics & Quarkus II: Kubernetes Native

Learn the basics and some advanced principles of Quarkus - supersonic, subatomic Java.

DevNation Deep Dive: Kafka

Learn the fundamentals of async messaging with Kafka.

DevNation Deep Dives: Linux I & II

Get a quick overview of some Linux topics you may run into when spinning up new applications or containers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

DevNation Deep Dive: Containers

Learn about the fundamentals of Containers in this online deep dive session. These sessions are currently offered in English and Portuguese.

DevNation Deep Dive: Argo CD

Learn the basics of GitOps and Argo CD in this online deep dive session.

DevNation Deep Dive: Spring Boot on Kubernetes

Learn the basics of Spring Boot on Kubernetes in this online deep dive session.

DevNation Deep Dive: Helm

Learn how to leverage Helm to make it easy to start using Kubernetes with real applications.