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Autumn is here in the northern hemisphere, and so is the monthly roundup from Red Hat Developer! This month we're featuring tutorials for developers who want to learn Python or expand their Python toolbox, including updating to Python 3.9 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). We also have an in-depth look at what's powering the new sub-millisecond GC pauses in OpenJDK 17, an introduction to Node.js circuit breakers for serverless functions, and a Spring developer's guide to getting started with Quarkus.

Note: See the full lineup at the end of this article.

Docker vs Podman?

If you're considering a move from Docker to Podman—say, for increased security and integration with systemd—we've got you covered. This quick guide (published November 2020) shows you just how easy it is to install Podman, use its basic commands, and transition from the Docker CLI to Podman.

Learn Python with Red Hat experts

Whether you're brand new to Python or already an enthusiast, we hope you'll find something that grabs you on the new Python developers landing page. Highlights this month so far:

Shenandoah GC in OpenJDK 17

Take a tour of concurrent thread-stack processing in the Shenandoah garbage collector for OpenJDK. Project lead Roman Kennke gives an overview of previous changes to improve garbage collection (GC) pause times, then explains how the most recent updates support sub-millisecond GC pauses in OpenJDK 17.

Node.js circuit breakers go serverless 

Lucas Holmquist follows up his popular article, Fail fast with Opossum circuit breaker in Node.js, with a workaround for developers looking to implement Node.js circuit breakers for serverless functions.

Quarkus for Spring developers: Get started

Both Quarkus and Spring make it easy to start building applications, but Quarkus improves the overall developer experience. Start up a Quarkus project, then discover the ways Spring developers can be more productive with Quarkus.

The full (fall) lineup

Visit the Red Hat Developer homepage and article pages for everything we've published recently. Here's the September lineup so far:

Last updated: September 20, 2023