How to add libraries to a Node.js container with S2I

June 29, 2022

Red Hat provides S2I images for many languages, including Node.js. Learn how to install additional libraries (RPMs) to base S2I (Source-to-Image) images.

Featured image for Apache Kafka credential management with Node.js

Join the Red Hat team at OpenJS World 2022

June 1, 2022

Node.js and open source developers are gathering at OpenJS World in Austin. Find out what Red Hatters and IBMers will be presenting there.

10 tips for nodejs cheat sheet tile card
Cheat Sheet

10 tips for running Node.js applications on OpenShift

Luke Holmquist
May 19, 2022

When you start running Node.js applications in containers, you should adopt some best practices that improve efficiency and security. This cheat sheet offers tips on how to do that.

Node.js deployment to Kubernetes blog feature image

Bind a Kafka cluster to a Node.js application the easy way

April 21, 2022

Make binding between applications and services easier using the Service Binding Operator.

Node.js reference architecture

Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 8: TypeScript

April 11, 2022

TypeScript is now more popular than JavaScript. The Node.js reference architecture has recommendations about this strongly typed JavaScript dialect.

Deploying Node.js applications to Kubernetes with Nodeshift and Minikube

Simplify secure connections to PostgreSQL databases with Node.js

March 28, 2022

Service bindings, the kube-service-bindings npm package, and the Red Hat OpenShift UI make it easier to connect securely to a database on Kubernetes.

Node.js reference architecture

Node.js community update

March 18, 2022

Learn about upcoming Node.js releases and explore new features including HTTP fetch(), ECMAScript modules, and more.