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Back up Kubernetes persistent volumes using OADP

Jorge Balderas Headshot Jorge Balderas

The OpenShift APIs for Data Protection Operator makes it easy to back up persistent volumes of your workloads. This tutorial covers the necessary steps.

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Deploy a Kafka Connect container using Strimzi

Alex Soto Alex Soto Bueno

Learn how to configure and deploy a Kafka Connect container with Strimzi, a tool that simplifies the process of running Apache Kafka in a Kubernetes cluster.

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Red Hat joins the Backstage.io community

Serena Serena Chechile Nichols

Red Hat will contribute developer tools and expertise to backstage.io, making it easier for teams to use Kubernetes to build services and applications.

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The ultimate CI/CD resource guide

Heiker Medina

Check recent articles that discuss some of the new and useful command-line and graphical tools for simplifying continuous integration/continuous deployment.

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How to set up your GitOps directory structure

christian-hernandez Christian Hernandez

What's the best structure for your GitOps repository? Explore best practices and options for setting up your repos, plus examples to get you started.