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Operator SDK with Helm, Memcached

November 16, 2021

Use this tutorial to create a Memcached Operator from an existing Memcached Helm Chart.

30 minutes | Intermediate
Featured image for Cryostat (was ContainerJFR) topics.

Custom JFR event templates with Cryostat 2.0

November 16, 2021

Use Red Hat OpenShift ConfigMaps and the Cryostat Operator to create custom JDK Flight Recorder event templates for your Java applications.

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How to use service binding with RabbitMQ

November 3, 2021

This quick tutorial shows you how to bind services to your Kubernetes clusters using the Service Binding Operator and a RabbitMQ message broker.

Deploying Node.js applications to Kubernetes with Nodeshift and Minikube

Consume Pino logs from Node.js applications

October 28, 2021

Pino is a popular Node.js logger. Learn how to use it with Red Hat OpenShift Logging to create and consume logs from your Node.js applications.

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Announcing Service Binding Operator 1.0 GA

October 27, 2021

Get an overview of Service Binding Operator 1.0, which provides a reliable way to bind applications with REST APIs and other backing services.

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What's new in the Red Hat OpenShift 4.9 console

October 21, 2021

Discover new features improving general usability and the developer console experience for Knative, Tekton, and GitOps development on OpenShift.

Featured image for Node.js with Opossum.

Node.js circuit breakers for serverless functions

September 15, 2021

Use Opossum, a Node.js implementation of the circuit breaker pattern, to solve a persistence challenge in Red Hat OpenShift Serverless Functions.