Install certified Kubernetes Operators on Red Hat Marketplace​

Access container-based software immediately available to deploy on any Red Hat OpenShift 4 cluster

Red Hat Marketplace is an open cloud marketplace that makes it easier to discover and access Red Hat certified software for container-based environments in public clouds and on-premises. Red Hat Marketplace was created to help developers using Red Hat OpenShift, our comprehensive Kubernetes platform, to build solutions and deploy them across multiple clouds, on-premises or on the edge.

Released to general availability in September of 2020, the Marketplace now offers a larger catalog of partner operators, simplified setup scripts for deployment, and pay-as-you-go metering for select operators.​

What can Red Hat Marketplace do for you?

Developer Challenges Red Hat Marketplace helps developers with... What this means for you
Your apps need to be enterprise grade, scalable, and cloud-native Kubernetes Operator capabilities - look for those with Phase V support You can focus on the code that differentiates - not the infrastructure
Your code must be built in a CI/CD/DevOps environment Container-based solutions - docker pull fits into your CI/CD/DevOps world Pulling software is now SOP - no need to adapt to something new
Your company needs you to use software that is sanctioned by purchasing, security, compliance, and other teams Your company’s pre-authorized software portfolio No more blockers; more resources to for you to be creative
Your apps need to differentiate Using Red Hat Marketplace resources frees up your time You can focus on building creative solutions