Getting started with Red Hat OpenShift

Everything you need to manage your development lifecycle, including standardized workflows, support for multiple environments, continuous integration, and release management.

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Find the best way to use OpenShift for your needs

The most optimal way to use OpenShift differs from person-to-person and use case-to-use case. Let us help guide you to the OpenShift usage model that best supports you and your business needs. This quick two-minute experience will get you started off running.

What is your level of development experience with OpenShift?


I’m brand new at it …

If you’re new to Red Hat OpenShift and not sure how OpenShift fits with your development process, we’ve put together several courses to help you quickly get started on a guided, no-hassle cloud environment. 

We recommend you try out our OpenShift Katacoda tutorials to get started.


I have some experience …

Ready to move to the next level and deploy an actual application? Our free, self-service, cloud-hosted sandbox will provide you with an actual cluster where you can deploy a sample app or bring your own repo.

We recommend trying out RHD’s pre-configured Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift environment.


I am very experienced …

If you’re already using OpenShift for your development lifecycle, you can download OpenShift to your laptop, deploy it in your public cloud or your own datacenter, or let Red Hat manage it for you.

We recommend that you download OpenShift in one of these four available use case forms.

Application development on Red Hat OpenShift

Free Book

Kubernetes Patterns ebook

With this book, you'll learn to create cloud-native applications with Kubernetes as a runtime platform and manage container and platform interactions. You’ll also learn how to apply configuration patterns to your Kubernetes-based applications, and how to build container images directly within the cluster.

OpenShift Interactive Tutorials


Getting started with OpenShift

10 minutes | Beginner

Use the OpenShift Container Platform to build and deploy applications using both containers and orchestration.


Developing with odo

10 minutes | Beginner

Use OpenShift Do (odo), a CLI tool for developers, to manage application components on the OpenShift Container Platform.


Deploying applications from source

20 minutes | Beginner

Deploy an application from source code contained in a Git repository using a Source-to-Image (S2I) builder using Python.


Connecting to a Database Using Port Forwarding

15 minutes | Beginner

Use the oc interactive shell to access a database, use port forwarding to temporarily expose a database outside of OpenShift, and access it from a database tool running on your local machine.


Using the CLI to Manage Resource Objects

15 minutes | Beginner

Use the oc command line tool to determine what resource objects have been created related to your application, and how you can query or update them.

Extend Kubernetes with supported Service Mesh and Serverless

Develop with OpenShift

CodeReady Workspaces

A collaborative Kubernetes-native development solution that delivers OpenShift workspaces and in-browser IDE for rapid cloud application development.

CodeReady Containers

OpenShift on your laptop. CodeReady containers get you up and running with an OpenShift cluster on your local machine in minutes.


odo is an opinionated CLI tool for developers who write, build, and deploy applications on OpenShift. odo supports fast, iterative development and abstracts away Kubernetes and OpenShift concepts.

VS Code

Red Hat VS Code extensions allow software developers to use their favorite development environments within Red Hat technologies.

Ready to use OpenShift in Production?

With a Red Hat subscription, you can deploy your application into a production environment and get world-class expertise and knowledge about security, stability, and maintenance for your systems. Our subscriptions provide many benefits including access to resources, expertise, upgrades, and the ability to directly influence our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience.