odo cheat sheet

odo Cheat Sheet

Serena Chechile Nichols


As a developer, you want to develop software without the overhead of do-it-yourself operations. For OpenShift, the command line tool odo gives you the tool you need to develop cloud-native applications without having to learn dozens of commands.

In this cheat sheet, author Serena Chechile Nichols provides commands to assist you with:

  •  Project management
  • Using the catalog of components
  • Creating and deleting components
  • Developing components
  • Working with services

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Updated January 24, 2023


odo login

odo login [cluster-url]

Log in to an OpenShift cluster.

odo logout

Log out of the OpenShift cluster.

odo help

odo help [command]

Displays help about a command.

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