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Everything you need to manage your development lifecycle, including standardized workflows, support for multiple environments, continuous integration, and release management.

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No matter which Red Hat OpenShift option you choose, your Development and Operations efforts are portable should you decide to move in the future. That means you can start locally on your own machine and then simply deploy to a cloud-based solution in the future with no changes needed.

Create your own Red Hat OpenShift cluster today

Download, install, and configure Red Hat OpenShift for free now.

Deploy it locally on your laptop

A minimal, preconfigured Red Hat OpenShift cluster on your laptop or desktop for development and testing.

   Public cloud

Deploy it in your public cloud

Install Red Hat OpenShift in your account on any of the supported public cloud providers*.


Deploy it in your datacenter

Download Red Hat OpenShift and install it in existing IT environments.


Let Red Hat manage it for you

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated gives you the power of OpenShift without the need to install it and maintain it.

*Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Coming soon: IBM Cloud, Ali Cloud.