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Debugging Python C extensions with GDB

September 8, 2021

You can use C debuggers to debug C extensions in Python 3.9. Learn how to use the improved Python debug build with the GNU Project Debugger (GDB).

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Securing malloc in glibc: Why malloc hooks had to go

August 25, 2021

Demoting malloc hooks solves critical security issues in glibc's memory allocation system. Find out how the changes could affect your applications.

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Explore new features in SystemTap 4.5.0

August 16, 2021

SystemTap allows access to low-level Linux kernel features. Explore enhancements to context variables, alias syntax, and BPF features in version 4.5.0.

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Debugging function parameters with Dyninst

August 9, 2021

Write a simplified static analyzer with Dyninst, then use it to determine which function parameters in an executable program are unused.

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Porting your code to C++17 with GCC 11

August 6, 2021

C++17 is now the default version in the GNU Compiler Collection. Find out what you need to know when updating your code to C++17 with GCC 11.

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Opening black boxes with statement tracing

August 4, 2021

Do you need a quick way to solve bugs in foreign library code? Learn how to use SystemTap for statement tracing and differential analysis in any library.

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