Developing on OpenShift

155 Minutes

6 learning resources

Individual Lessons

Learn how to access an OpenShift cluster, manage apps with the odo command-line tool, then try image and source-based deployment techniques.

For the best experience in this learning path, we suggest that you complete the following learning resources in the order shown. When you click on a resource, it will open in a new tab. Keep this page open so you can easily move on to the next resource!

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Developing with odo

Jorge Morales Pou

Use OpenShift Do (odo), a CLI tool for developers, to manage application components on the OpenShift Container Platform.

10 minutes | Beginner
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Deploying applications from source

Ben Hall

Deploy an application from source code contained in a Git repository using a Source-to-Image (S2I) builder using Python.

20 minutes | Beginner
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Using the CLI to Manage Resource Objects

Graham Dumpleton

Use the oc command line tool to determine what resource objects have been created related to your application, and how you can query or update them.

15 minutes | Beginner
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OpenShift 4.10 Playground

Use the web console or the command-line interface in this exercise to explore OpenShift 4.10, then build and control a cluster.

45 minutes | Beginner

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