Modernize Java applications for the cloud

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Modernize your Java applications

Java workloads have historically relied on monolithic architectures, which require significant overhead to support and manage over time. By modernizing these applications for the cloud, you can continue to drive value from these applications while gaining significant performance improvements and scalability.

Developers are on the front lines of this modernization journey to cloud-native technologies such as  Kubernetes. While there will be challenges along the way, it offers a unique opportunity for developers to impact the organization and learn new skills, architectures, and languages.

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Explore cloud migration strategies

It's not enough these days to have a cloud migration plan. To implement any migration plan, developers need a strategy that helps them follow through on stakeholder expectations and avoid pitfalls like missed deadlines, poor experiences, and lost data.

Getting started


Forklift your Java applications on virtual machines to Kubernetes-orchestrated environments with minimal downtime. 

Getting started


“Tinker, lift, and shift” your existing monolithic applications to a container running on Kubernetes.

Getting started


Streamline the modernization and migration of Java applications to Kubernetes with an array of tools like code analysis, effort estimation, accelerated code migrations, and more.

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Learn, interact, and contribute to Konveyor, the open source community for Java application modernization.