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As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re highlighting the most popular articles published on Red Hat Developer this year.  Kubernetes continues to be a vital area of innovation; new tools and solutions intended to simplify application development and operations are proliferating, as developers seek ways to cope with the growing complexity of managing infrastructure. It was also an exciting year in the world of Red Hat OpenShift, the hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes.

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The 10 most popular Kubernetes articles of 2023

Read on for our most-read articles on Kubernetes topics from the past year. We’ve got a guide to using Kubernetes on OpenShift, patterns for managing and deploying Helm charts, testing libraries for Kubernetes, and a whole lot more.

OpenShift tutorials

Argo CD

Core concepts, Operators, and Fabric8 Kubernetes client


OpenShift provides several layers of abstraction over vanilla Kubernetes, but navigating its rich feature set and functionality can be daunting. Operating OpenShift: An SRE Approach to Managing Infrastructure is your guide to running and operating OpenShift clusters more efficiently. Authors Rick Rackow and Manuel Dewald highlight best practices and tools that can help reduce the effort of deploying a Kubernetes platform. 

If you want to prepare yourself to tackle common challenges with Kubernetes design patterns, you can download the new edition of Bilgin Ibryam and Roland Huss's wildly popular book Kubernetes Patterns

Interactive learning

Looking to build your skills with OpenShift? Here are some of the self-paced guided learning tutorials we published this year, including lots of opportunities to play in the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift:

Even more Kubernetes resources

You can find all sorts of great content by browsing our whole archive of Kubernetes articles. Happy reading!