DevNation Deep Dive - Ansible

Alex Soto Bueno

Join us on a Deep Dive that shows you how to use Ansible and how to explore several use cases for automation so you can immediately take advantage of the benefits.

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DevNation Deep Dive: Ansible

Join us on a Deep Dive that shows you how to use Ansible and several use cases for automation so you can immediately take advantage of the benefits.

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Getting GitOps | DevNation Tech Talk

Harriet Lawrence

In 2022 we heard your GitOps questions at meetups and gatherings, big stages, and local panels and one question was often top of mind: how do I get started? The benefits of GitOps are calling your name, but getting started isn’t that straightforward. 

Red Hat is excited to kick off 2023 with a DevNation TechTalk, focused on GitOps to help you sift through your questions. At DevNation, you’ll hear from passionate GitOps practitioners about the pitfalls to avoid and hurdles to jump while kicking off or evolving your GitOps practices. This event is aimed at audiences that are new to GitOps or early in their practice development within a cloud-native environment.

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Multiple sources for Argo CD applications

Ishita Sequeira

Argo CD is a continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. Learn about a new feature that makes it easier to manage resources in different repositories.

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DevNation Deep Dive - SCHUFA Holding AG

Join an expedition that will consist of four stops: Knative Serverless, Tekton, Argo CD GitOps, and Quarkus. DevNation Deep Dives are one-hour, LIVE events that take a deep dive into the fundamentals of developer technology. Each session comes with live code and commands, and live chat Q&A with verbal responses from the CodeCasters.

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DevNation Lab: ArgoCD

Learn the basics of GitOps and Argo CD in this hands-on workshop. These courses are offered in up to five languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese) across multiple time zones.

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How Fedora and tox make Python testing easier

Lumír Balhar

Developers should test their Python code with multiple Python versions. Fedora and tox make this task easier, even for many non-Fedora systems.

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The ultimate CI/CD resource guide

Heiker Medina

Check recent articles that discuss some of the new and useful command-line and graphical tools for simplifying continuous integration/continuous deployment.

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How to set up your GitOps directory structure

Christian Hernandez

What's the best structure for your GitOps repository? Explore best practices and options for setting up your repos, plus examples to get you started.

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Explore GitOps with Red Hat at ArgoCon 2022

Evan Shortiss

ArgoCon 2022 is taking place in Mountain View, CA this September. Discover how to participate in ArgoCon and learn how to access the ample resources Red Hat provides.

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The Path to GitOps

Christian Hernandez

This book outlines the tools, workflows, and structures teams need to have in place in order to enable a complete GitOps workflow for practitioners who are just getting started or are considering developing their own GitOps practice.