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Our top Kubernetes articles for developers in 2023

Colleen Lobner

Here are the most popular Kubernetes resources of 2023, featuring a guide to using Kubernetes on OpenShift and patterns for managing and deploying Helm charts.


What's new in Red Hat OpenShift 4.14

Donna Smalls

Explore new features in Red Hat OpenShift 4.14, including enhanced security for workloads, hosted control planes for multi-cluster deployments, and much more.

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How to validate GitOps manifests

Trevor Royer

This article discusses how to validate GitOps manifests to improve the reliability and confidence of changes before merging.


Drop git pull for fetch and rebase

Yftach Herzog

This article explains why you shouldn’t use the git pull command and why fetch and rebase tools give you more control of pull requests.

Red Hat Trusted Software Supply Chain

Red Hat Trusted Software Supply Chain

Consistently code, build, and monitor for a trusted software supply chain across any environment, for faster time to value wif automated security guardrails.

Summit 2022

The developer's guide to Red Hat Summit 2023

Colleen Lobner

The Red Hat Summit 2023 session catalog is available now! We've rounded up the best sessions for developers to help you plan your agenda.