How we solved a HotSpot performance puzzle

Ashutosh Mehra

Dive into just-in-time (JIT) compilation with HotSpot, OpenJDK's Java virtual machine, and explore techniques for debugging unexpected warm-up behavior.

A code editor with four icons symbolizing DevOps, developers, a gear, and a cluster.

Which Camel DSL should you use?

Technical Marketing Manager Bruno Meseguer

This article explains the benefits of domain-specific languages and compares Camel's Java, XML, and YAML DSLs to help you choose the right one for your team.

Coding shared image

How Red Hat enhances the developer experience

Headshot for Mithun T. Dhar. Mithun T. Dhar

Discover how Red Hat's developer tools reduce friction in your development process to help you achieve more in hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.

Kubernetes + OpenShift featured image

Presenting a new Istio operator on OpenShift

DPS Donna Smalls

Learn about a new Istio operator that will serve as the foundation for Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh 3, bringing simplified configuration and management.