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Build reactive apps on Kubernetes using Camel K

Sumit Mukherjee

Integration using Apache Camel K makes it possible to build services that are scalable and reliable even when they depend on rapid interaction with data sources.

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Red Hat OpenShift in the Public Cloud

Cloud-native application platform with everything you need to manage your development life cycle securely, including standardized workflows, support for multiple environments, continuous integration, and release management.

Getting Started with Podman 1

Podman expands to the Desktop

Stevan Le Meur + 1

Learn about Podman Desktop, a GUI dedicated to managing containers and Kubernetes for application developers.

Advantages of a multicompiler build

Red Hat joins the Backstage.io community

Serena Chechile Nichols

Red Hat will contribute developer tools and expertise to backstage.io, making it easier for teams to use Kubernetes to build services and applications.

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Kubernetes Patterns, 2nd Edition (Early Release)

Bilgin Ibryam and Roland Huß

Learn common reusable patterns and principles for designing and implementing cloud native applications on Kubernetes with this practical guide.

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How to easily generate Helm charts using Dekorate

Jose Carvajal Hilario + 1

Learn how to easily generate Helm charts using Dekorate, how to map properties when installing or updating your charts, and how to use Helm profiles.

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How to make your APIs more discoverable

Vamsi Ravula + 1

Discoverability is key to a successful API strategy. Learn how to improve API discovery, usability, and developer experience with a dynamic inventory.

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Migrate and deploy Cloud Foundry applications to Kubernetes

In this tutorial, you will transform a Cloud Foundry application to Kubernetes with the Move2Kube command-line tool. You’ll learn how to create deployment artifacts using Move2Kube’s three-step process: collect, plan, and transform.

Node.js reference architecture

Join the Red Hat team at NodeConf EU 2022

Lucas Holmquist

Get an introduction to Node.js cloud-native development and explore lesser-known Node.js Core modules with the Red Hat team at NodeConfEU 2022.

The Modern Developer

The Modern Developer

Ahilan Ponnusamy

Developer experience plays a critical role in the digital transformation journey. Discover how an internal developer platform (IDP) helps teams innovate faster.

Building resilient event-driven architectures with Apache Kafka

Kafka Monthly Digest: August 2022

Mickael Maison

The latest installment in this monthly column covers improvements in Apache Kafka, including the release in progress, 3.3.0, and recent Kafka Improvement Proposals.

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Podman in Action (Early access)

Daniel Walsh

This book helps you get started with Podman, a rootless container engine that makes it easy to build, manage, and run secure containers on Linux.

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How to set up your GitOps directory structure

Christian Hernandez

What's the best structure for your GitOps repository? Explore best practices and options for setting up your repos, plus examples to get you started.