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Detecting nondeterministic test cases with Bunsen

June 9, 2022

A short Python script can identify tests that might break CI/CD pipelines because they return different results on identical runs. Learn more.

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Open source edge detection with OpenCV and Pachyderm

June 1, 2022

You can perform edge detection on images using this Jupyter notebook on any Kubernetes cluster. Learn how.

Summit 2022

Improve the developer experience and process, from local to Kubernetes

May 10, 2022

Daniel Oh's session at Summit 2022 will give tips on how to improve your life as developer.

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How to install an open source tool for creating machine learning pipelines

May 5, 2022

Create an open source machine learning environment quickly with Pachyderm, JupyterHub, and Ceph Nano on Open Data Hub.

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Schedule tests the GitOps way with Testing Farm as GitHub Action

May 4, 2022

A new GitHub Action, used by Red Hat and related open source projects, lets you choose when tests are triggered by GitHub events, with minimal configuration.

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Getting GitOps: A practical platform with OpenShift, Argo CD, and Tekton

Wanja Pernath
April 5, 2022

A practical guide through the jungle of modern development with Kubernetes, with a focus on application distribution via continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and GitOps on Red Hat OpenShift.

CI/CD for Serverless Openshift Pipelines and ArgoCD Part 1

Automate CI/CD on pull requests with Argo CD ApplicationSets

April 5, 2022

Use Argo CD's ApplicationSets and pull request generator with Tekton and Red Hat OpenShift tools to bring GitOps workflows into your CI/CD processes.