Red Hat build of Cryostat

JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) for Java workloads on Red Hat OpenShift.

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Cryostat is a container-native Java virtual machine (JVM) application that acts as a bridge to other containerized JVMs and exposes a secure API for producing, analyzing, and retrieving JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) data from your OpenShift workloads. You can use it to fine-tune applications and troubleshoot performance using JVM metrics such as thread dump analysis, memory/heap consumption, garbage collection characteristics, and much more. If you have used JFR before, this is the Kubernetes-native build that lets you profile and monitor Java workloads on OpenShift.

Key features



Cross-namespace target application discovery

The Red Hat build of Cryostat Operator introduces the Cluster Cryostat API, which can be configured to communicate with applications deployed across multiple OpenShift namespaces.

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Cryostat agent

The Cryostat agent is a Java instrumentation agent to help detect and monitor target JVM applications running on OpenShift. It acts as a plug-in for applications that run on the JVM and retrieves a wide range of information from the applications for further analysis by Cryostat.



Configurable dashboards

Cryostat dashboard provides a high-level overview of the connected target JVMs running on OpenShift. Each card on the dashboard can be configured to show a JVM detail (e.g., start time, version, vendor, etc.), automated analysis (color-coded report log of potential problems in the application), and MBean metrics (e.g., heap memory usage, number of threads).

Application performance monitoring on OpenShift


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Red Hat OpenShift

Cryostat can be configured to profile and monitor different types of Java workloads deployed on a Red Hat OpenShift cluster. It can be installed via an Operator or Helm chart.

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Java Workload

Java workloads

Cryostat can profile your Java applications such as Spring, Quarkus, and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) using the Cryostat Agent or remote Java Management Extensions (JMX).

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