Intro to EAP Cheat Sheet Cover

Intro to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Cheat Sheet

Deon Ballard


Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform implements the full Java EE 8 specification while being flexible and lightweight.  JBoss EAP is built on a collection of open source technologies, including an embeddable web server, messaging, clustering and high availability, and caching.

In this cheat sheet, author Deon Ballard provides an introduction for JBoss EAP 7 and gets you started using:

  • Command-line tool
  • Command syntax
  • Batch processing
  • Basic management
  • Configuration files and directories


Enable batch mode by running the batch command, then enter all of the commands in the batch. You can run the batch using the run-batch command or save it for later use using the holdback-batch command. For example:


data-source add --name=DATASOURCE_NAME --jndi-name=JNDI_NAME --driver-name=DRIVER_ NAME --connection-url=CONNECTION_URL --profile=PROFILE_NAME




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