Burr SutterJason GreeneEdson Yanaga
April 4, 2019

Quarkus: Supersonic, subatomic Java | DevNation Tech Talk

This DevNation live tutorial is a demo displaying how to use Quarkus.io. Introducing Quarkus.io. The rise in popularity of the Linux® container as the primary way to package your application seemed like a simple change on the surface. Yet, as we saw with the Java Docker Fail problem, it was not a transition completely without challenges for the Java™ community. Furthermore, we have now seen a number of developers at many organizations considering moving to Node.js or Golang to get the performance and tiny memory footprint they need to run in a Kubernetes/OpenShift environment. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how you can optimize your enterprise Java apps, your APIs, your microservices, and your “serverless functions” for a Kubernetes/OpenShift environment—vastly smaller, vastly faster, and fundamentally more scalable.


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