Spring Boot deployment on Kubernetes

Spring Boot gives you the runtimes you need to make Spring Framework-based applications.

Ever wondered how you could create truly micro microservices using your favorite Spring APIs? Ever wondered how to leverage your Spring skills to build serverless apps? Have you been left wanting to leverage the groundbreaking capabilities of GraalVM-native images without sacrificing your hard-earned Spring knowledge? This session will show you how Quarkus speaks Spring by live coding a Quarkus application using some of the most popular Spring features, which will then be converted to GraalVM-native image and deployed and scaled up in milliseconds on Kubernetes and OpenShift.

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Integrate a Spring Boot application with Red Hat Data Grid

May 31, 2022

Setting up a Data Grid for application cache data storage allows it to access and process in-memory data, improving the end user experience. Learn more.

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An easier way to generate PDFs from HTML templates

March 11, 2022

Use the open source wkhtmltopdf utility to load data into an HTML template and generate PDF reports and other documents from a Spring Boot application.

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Get started with Gradle plugins for Eclipse JKube

December 9, 2021

Use tasks in the new Eclipse JKube Gradle plugins to effortlessly containerize and deploy your Java applications on Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

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Test-driven development with Quarkus

November 8, 2021

Learn how Quarkus enables test-driven development (TDD) with built-in continuous testing, where tests run immediately after code changes are saved.

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Quarkus for Spring developers: Kubernetes-native design patterns

October 11, 2021

Discover the benefits of Quarkus versus Spring for Kubernetes-native Java applications and explore ​useful design patterns developers should know.

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Quarkus for Spring Developers | DevNation Tech Talk

October 7, 2021

Quarkus for Spring Developers | DevNation Tech Talk

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