MicroProfile Fault Tolerance Cover

MicroProfile Fault Tolerance

Martin Stefanko


Fault Tolerance means your microservice can handle failures in a graceful way. MicroProfile Fault Tolerance helps you define and handle problems in a consistent and robust manner.

Martin Stefanko's cheat sheet includes:

  • Defining Timeouts, Retries, Circuit Breakers, and more
  • Configuring your environment, including default values
  • Disabling individual policies, e.g. turn off a Circuit Breakers
  • Using a Fallback method



A Circuit Breaker prevents repeated failures, so that dysfunctional services
or APIs fail fast.


fallbackMethod must be in the same class as @Fallback annotated
method. In order to recover from a brief network glitch, @Retry can be used to invoke
the same operation again.

A Fallback method is invoked if a method annotated with @Fallback completes exceptionally.

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