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We're wrapping up our Best of 2023 series by highlighting our most popular application development articles from the past year.

The business of delivering cloud-native applications gets more complex every day. It’s no surprise that solutions for improving developer experience are in high demand, especially for enterprise teams. Red Hat Developer Hub, based on the open source Backstage project, is one such solution that provides easy access to curated tools, resources, and Golden Path templates for quicker and easier software development. By reducing complexity and automating tedious tasks, developers are free to focus on what they do best: write code and ship new features.

The 10 most popular application development articles of 2023

Our most-read articles on application development focus on tools and approaches that can streamline developer workloads and improve application quality—from managing containers with Podman Desktop, to new features in Java 21, to observability with OpenTelemetry. Let's dive in.

Podman Desktop



Git version control, clean architecture, and observability


For a deeper dive into internal developer portals, you can download 3 preview chapters from our upcoming book Developer Portals: Prepare to Perform with Red Hat Developer Hub. Red Hat Developer Advocates Joshua Wood, Hans-Peter Grahsl, and Ryan Jarvinen demonstrate the benefits of a unified platform for development and collaboration and explain how to work with the tools found in a Red Hat Developer Hub instance.

If you're interested in digging into software supply chain security, check out A developer’s guide to setting supply chain security in DevSecOps. This short e-book from Collin Chau, Dash Copeland, Ying Zhou, and Markus Eisele outline the key principles, tools, and techniques you need to know to better audit and act on vulnerabilities in open source software components. 

Finally, Kafka Connect by Mickael Maison and Kate Stanley is a must-read for developers who want to learn how to build and run data pipelines to efficiently process, integrate, and transform their data.

Interactive learning

Get hands-on with our latest app dev learning paths, including activities for the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift

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