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Quarkus for Spring Developers

Eric Deandrea


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Java can be clunky and slow. Learn how to optimize Java for today’s compute and runtime demands with Quarkus—a Kubernetes-native platform.

Quarkus for Spring Developers introduces Quarkus to Java developers, with a special eye to helping those familiar with Spring’s conventions make a quick and easy transition.

What you (a developer/architect) will learn in this e-book:

  • Understand the history of Quarkus and the challenges that led to its creation.

  • See how familiar Spring conventions are implemented and enhanced in Quarkus through like-for-like examples, including testing.

  • Learn, through examples, how Quarkus can increase developer productivity cycles through live coding, developer services, and continuous testing. 

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"For me, the paradigm that Quarkus brings is a major one for Java. This is one of these moments in your career when you should take stock and explore a new technology in-depth! This book makes it easy to do that, providing like-for-like examples of your favorite Spring development patterns mapped to their Quarkus equivalents (don’t panic, there are many similarities) and giving you an understanding of the fundamentals at play under the hood."

—Martijn Verburg (aka “The Diabolical Developer”)
Principal Group Manager (Java), Microsoft
Eclipse Adoptium Steering Committee member

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