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We're kicking off our annual year-end roundup with a look back at the Linux content that engaged our readers the most in 2023. Linux remains a dominant player in the cloud thanks to its stability and flexibility, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) continues to evolve for the containerized future, with the General Availability release of RHEL 9.3 last month.

Our 10 most popular Linux articles of 2023

Here are 10 of our most-read articles on Linux from 2023, which cover a mix of topics including containers, new milestones for RHEL, and various ways to simplify Linux systems management with the latest compilers and tools.

New improvements in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

GCC 13 and C++ debugging

Containers, C# 11, and more

E-books and cheat sheets

If you're considering a migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, check out our Convert CentOS Linux to RHEL cheat sheet. Nagesh Rathod walks you through the process of migrating a CentOS distribution to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux instance in just 7 steps using the Convert2RHEL utility.

If you're in the mood for a longer read, don't miss Daniel Walsh's guide to Podman, a daemonless tool for deploying, running, building and sharing Linux containers. Released in February 2023, Podman in Action introduces Podman’s features and capabilities, including how to work with containers, build container images, and convert containerized applications into either single-node services to run on edge devices or Kubernetes-based microservices.

Even more Linux resources

Looking for more? To view our full archive of Linux related articles, browse our Linux tag.