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Use of Cryostat and Java Flight Recording in Red Hat OpenShift 4

Francisco De Melo Junior

This blog post aims to show the features and complete utilization of Java Flight Recording (JFR) via Cryostat Operator (Cryostat) for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP) 4.x. Use cases are explained.


Reproducible OpenJDK builds

James Falkner

The Adoptium project has achieved reproducible builds for Java versions 21 and 22 across Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. This capability ensures an independently verifiable path from source to binary code, enhancing trust in the software and its dependencies.

Featured image for Red Hat Developer Hub.

A platform for building developer portals

Hans-Peter Grahsl +2

Explore the concept of internal developer platforms (IDPs) through the lens of Red Hat Developer Hub and its foundations in the open source Backstage project.

Featured image for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Announcing image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Matt Micene

Image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a new deployment method that takes a container-native approach to deliver the operating system as a bootc container image.


Operating OpenShift the SRE way

Manuel Dewald +1

In this excerpt from Operating OpenShift, learn how to operate software and Red Hat OpenShift the SRE way.

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Our top application development articles of 2023

Colleen Lobner

Our 10 most popular articles about application development this year include Java 21 features, Podman Desktop, OpenTelemetry observability, and more.

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Our top Kubernetes articles for developers in 2023

Colleen Lobner

Here are the most popular Kubernetes resources of 2023, featuring a guide to using Kubernetes on OpenShift and patterns for managing and deploying Helm charts.