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Node.js on Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat build of Node.js. is an open source JavaScript runtime environment designed to build
modern scalable applications for the cloud.

Get started with Node.js on OpenShift

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Develop with Node.js on OpenShift

25 minutes | Intermediate

Take an existing sample Node.js application and modify it to address microservice concerns, deploy it to OpenShift, and exercise interfaces between Node.js, microservices, and Kubernetes.


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Developing with odo

10 minutes | Beginner

Use OpenShift Do (odo), a CLI tool for developers, to manage application components on the OpenShift Container Platform.


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Developing with Node.js on Kubernetes

10 minutes | Beginner

An introduction to cloud-native development with Node.js by walking users through the steps to create and extend an Express.js based application to leverage cloud capabilities.


Node.js in the developer blog universe

Nodejas Kubernetes feature image

Simplify secure connections to PostgreSQL databases with Node.js


How Node.js uses the V8 JavaScript engine to run your code

Node.js reference architecture feature image

How to use OpenTelemetry to trace Node.js applications

Nodejs kubernetes feature image

Connect MongoDB to a Node.js application with kube-service-bindings

Node.js kubernetes feature image

Connect to services on Kubernetes easily with kube-service-bindings

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Connect Node.js applications to Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka with...

Nodejs kubernetes feature image

Enable backing services in Kubernetes with kube-service-bindings

Apache Nodejs feature image

A demonstration of Drogue IoT using Node.js

Node.js container with S2I feature image

How to add libraries to a Node.js container with S2I

How the Next-10 project supports the future of Node.js

How the Next-10 project supports the future of Node.js

React applications

How to enable OpenTelemetry traces in React applications

Building microservices with Node.js on OpenShift

Logging in Node.js


Logging in Node.js

Understand what tools to use for logging in your Node.js applications.

Logging in Node.js


Code consistency in Node.js

Writing consistent code and how to enforce it with a linter tool like ESLint.

GraphQL in Node.js


GraphQL in Node.js

Recommendations for using GraphQL in your Node.js applications.

Building good containers.png


Building good containers

Recommendations based on our experience building Node.js applications in containers for deployments.

Choosing web frameworks.png


Choosing web frameworks

Readiness probes allow Kubernetes to inspect the health of your application pod. 

Code coverage.png


Code coverage

Learn how to measure code coverage, how to maximize your investm

Securing Node.js applications.png


Securing Node.js applications

Key elements of building security into your software development process to make robust Node.js apps.




Overview of some key areas that Node.js developers need to understand about accessibility

Typical development workflows.png


Typical development workflows

Understand typical development workflows when building tools and processes

Problem determination.png


Problem determination

Minimize problems in production and investigating common problems when they do occur