I am a developer new to containers, Kubernetes, or CI/CD. Where should I start?

This article provides five pathways including resources to succeed on your container journey.

Highlighted material:

  • The following materials are free with no prerequisites.
  • These materials are foundational for you to start working on your next project ASAP.
  • Training materials will take up to five hours to complete.

1. Start building your skills with containers and OpenShift

To start with containers, understand what containers are and how CI/CD can automate the software development lifecycle. 

Start building your skills

Gather hands-on experience with video tutorials and learning paths to practice the concepts learned from foundational to advanced on OpenShift.

Learn more about Kubernetes

A deep dive on Kubernetes concepts from services to containers and pods: 

Our product documentation

Discover all the features and capabilities of OpenShift from our product documentation.

2. Modernize your applications

Explore the practices to move your application to containers.

Ready to practice?

Practice the concepts learn with our Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift, tutorials, and hands-on labs.

Learn more about application development

Learn about Red Hat Enterprise Linux capabilities to improve the developer experience and container applications development experience.

3. Migrate at scale with OpenShift

After migrating a couple of applications, you might wonder how we can replicate this process across an organization. Discover where to start with the modernization journey and how the developer experience can be improved.

Ready to try?

Start analyzing and assessing applications with MTA. Learn from our demo and product documentation.

Learn more about migration

Plan your Java application modernization journey with our e-book and learn Podman's capabilities.

4. Automate to accelerate your software development lifecycle

Automate software development process adopting GitOps approach and secure with DevSecOps.

Ready to try automation?

Learn from these free hands-on labs how to bring automation with CI/CD and GitOps practices by using Helm, OpenShift Pipelines, Jenkins, Ansible Automation Platform, and OpenShift GitOps.

Learn more about DevOps

These e-books will help you start with best practices and practical guides to transform into a DevOps culture.

Our product documentation

Review our product documentation to learn about features and much more.

5. How to innovate with OpenShift

Learn about key OpenShift capabilities to bring innovation to applications from serverless architectures, interconnecting services in diverse platforms, and securing and observing microservices with OpenShift Service Mesh.

Ready to try OpenShift components?

Gather hands-on experience with our free labs and follow tutorials and demos at your own pace.

Learn more about OpenShift Service Mesh

This e-book provides guidance on governance, design practices, and configuring Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh for production use and performing day-2 operations. 

Find more resources in our product documentation

Learn about product capabilities, features, and much more from our product documentation.

Last updated: September 19, 2023