To quickly start up an OpenShift cluster locally inside of a virtual machine (VM), you can use Red Hat Code ReadyContainers.

CodeReady Containers is an easy way to try or develop with OpenShift on your local machine. The A preconfigured OpenShift cluster is tailored for a laptop or desktop development making it easier to get going quickly with a personal cluster.

CodeReady Containers requires a hypervisor to run the VM containing OpenShift. Depending on your host operating system, you have the choice of the following hypervisors:

  • macOS: xhyve (default), VirtualBox
  • GNU/Linux: KVM (default), VirtualBox
  • Windows: Hyper-V (default), VirtualBox

To download the latest CodeReady Containers and view any release notes, visit the CodeReady Containers page. Before using CodeReady Containers, ensure you check out the installation instructions for any pre‐requisites your system must satisfy.

CodeReady Containers isn't Minishift- it's an entirely new approach to running Kubernetes locally. 

Last updated: November 19, 2020