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Welcome to the new monthly roundup from Red Hat Developer. Each month, we'll offer a dealer's choice of new articles that we think you won't want to miss, along with recently published cheat sheets, quick starts, and activities in the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift.

Quarkus for Spring developers

All of us at Red Hat Developer are proud to release our first in-house ebook, Quarkus for Spring Developers. Authors Eric Deandrea, Daniel Oh, and Charles Moulliard wrote this book as a Spring developer's ultimate resource for learning about Quarkus and Kubernetes-native Java. We hope you'll download the ebook today and let us know what you think!

More ways to learn and use Java

For Spring developers easing into Quarkus, we suggest reading Eric Deandrea's Why should I choose Quarkus over Spring for my microservices? Also, check out Aashish Patil's new four-part series introducing Java garbage collection basics.

Debugging with SystemTap

If you are already familiar with SystemTap, you won't want to miss Stan Cox's Explore new features in SystemTap 4.5.0. If you're new to SystemTap, we recommend Frank Eigler's guide to using SystemTap with statement tracing—an excellent way to open black boxes and solve mysteries in shared library code.

Everything on OpenShift

August's lineup featured a dozen articles and tutorials for OpenShift developers, starting with What's new in the Red Hat OpenShift 4.8 console. If you've ever wished for an easier way to test your applications before uploading them to Git, check this article for details. (See the end of this article for all of the OpenShift-related articles published in August.)

Reactive development with Node.js

We closed the month with what we think is a bang—Alex Alykiotis' Building reactive systems with Node.js. Start with an overview of how Node.js implements the four key characteristics of reactive systems, then walk through building one with Kafka and Node.js.

That's not all they wrote

This has been a quick look at some of the past month's highlights on Red Hat Developer, but it is by no means complete. Here's the complete lineup for August 2021:

Here's to a new month and more good things to come in September!

Last updated: September 20, 2023