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Debugging binaries invoked from scripts with GDB

Kevin Buettner

It's very common on Linux for a binary application to be invoked by a shell script. This article explains how you can debug such binaries using GDB.


Implementing C++20 atomic waiting in libstdc++

Thomas Rodgers

The C++ standard library gained some new concurrency features with C++20 . This article will cover the implementation approach for atomic wait/notify, as these are basis operations required to implement the remaining coordination primitives introduced with C++20.


How to categorize C programs by behavior

Martin Sebor

Could your perfectly running program blow up someday? Learn different types of behavior in the standard and what helps make a correct C or C++ program.


An introduction to debug events: Learn how to use breakpoints

Keith Seitz

Breakpoints are the most commonly used (and underused) debugging event in a debugger. This article discusses the breakpoint features that GDB offers developers, and shows how to use breakpoints effectively.

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Red Hat Developer roundup: Best of April 2022

Red Hat Developer Editorial Team

A trip through Red Hat Developer's content for the month, with articles on GCC 12, Java in containers, Red Hat's SSO technology, and much more.

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New C++ features in GCC 12

Marek Polacek

Version 12 of GCC implements much of the recent C++ standard, allows a number of previously prohibited constructs, and fixes some problematic behaviors.

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Enforce code consistency with clang-format

Serge Guelton

Get started with clang-format, an LLVM tool that you can use to set and maintain a consistent code style in your open source C and C++ projects.

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Prevent Trojan Source attacks with GCC 12

David Malcolm

Discover how Red Hat protects GCC 12 code from Trojan Source attacks. Learn how we defend our customers against this recent software vulnerability.